Surrounded by the Enfer vineyards and the beautiful coniferous woods, Arvier is a little village of the north-west si de of Aosta Valley where you can spend a relaxing holiday. Its horizon is dominated by the Ruitor and Mont Blanc massif. Chosen by the Romans as a military camp, the village is rich of finds, religious sites and medieval fortifications. This village, which lies at the foot of the Grand Paradis National Park, is the perfect location to visit Aosta Valley beauties, since its central and strategic position, between Aosta and Courmayeaur, makes it a cosy and comfortable home to enjoy your holiday.

Along the slope of the mountain that from Saint Nicolas leads to the Dorea Baltea River, there are terraced vineyards where the Enfer d’Arvier is produced, a vintage wine with a characteristic aroma of wild rose and violets. This land offers high quality local products as dairy fresh cheese and honey made of the multitude of flowers, which are found in the surrounding mountain pastures.

Arvier is your unexpected holiday destination! La Mothe, Montamayeur and Planaval castles, the ancient village of Leverogne, age-old chapels, old ovens and mills tell their stories surrounded by great and unique landscape.

During the summer this destination offers different choices: the close Grand Paradis National Park is an unforgettable journey in the nature. All you need is a mountain bike (or if you prefer an electrical one) or the will to walk and in few kilometres you'll reach uncontaminated paradise as the Wildlife Reserve of Lolair Lake, Valgrisenche, Rhêmes Valley and Valsavarenche. Courmayeur and the Mont Blanc are twenty-minute drive and offer a mix of worldliness and beautiful landscapes, as the Skyway Monte Bianco, the eighth wonder of the world.

For the keen of ski, Arvier offers different options every day: Courmayeur, La Thuile, Pila, all the most beautiful ski resorts of Aosta Valley are easy to reach. Beautiful and fascinating valleys are the perfect place for the passionate of ski touring with many itineraries in Valgrisenche, that is also well-known for Heliski. You can collect plenty of different experiences and then go back home at night in Arvier, a welcoming a cosy little village.

Arvier, everything is possible here! Thanks to its privileged position, sports have no seasons. Excursions of every level: from the mountain pastures to the top of mountains, rafting, fishing in the Dorea Baltea River and Valgrisenche stream, and tennis for the lovers of tennis racket. Climbers too have the opportunity to climb in la Ravoire, Balmes great climbing sites that attract people from all over Europe.