We would like to suggest some places where to taste the local delicacies:

1) Ristaurants:

Le Vigneron (tel:328-9646614; address: Via Corrado Gex 64, 11011 Arvier) restaurant here to taste an innovative and savoury dish. We suggest you reserve a table. Great choice for lunch with the dish of the day. (10% OFF FOR OUR GUESTS).

Valle di Cogne:
Lou Ressignon (tel.0165-74034; address: Rue Mines de Cogne 22,  11012 Cogne) excellent family-run restaurant, its best dish is Risotto cogneintze. We advise you to make a reservation.
La Brasserie du Bon Bec (tel. 0165-749288; address: Via Bourgeois 72, 11012 Cogne) great Aosta Valley traditional food.

L’Osteria (tel. 0165-40111; address: Via Porta Pretoria 13, 11100 Aosta) good traditional Aosta Valley food.
La Bottega degli Antichi Sapori (tel. 0165263842; address: Via Porta Pretori 63, 11100 Aosta): good traditional Aosta Valley food
Il Girasole (tel. 0165-548989; address: Via Monsignore de Sales 29, 11100 Aosta), pizza and fish for a fair price.
Stefenelli Desk (tel. 0165-1850847; address: via D'Avise 14, 11100 Aosta): great restaurant, you need to book a table in advance.
Ristorante Al Dente Trattoria Italiana (tel. 0165-210868; address: via Croix de Ville 34, 11100 Aosta): Italian and Aosta valley menù.

2) Pizza places:

Arvier and surroundings:
Osteria del Viandante (tel. 0165-99111; address: Via Corrado Gex 11, 11011 Arvier), pizza place and Mexican restaurant (10% OFF FOR OUR GUESTS).
Pizzeria Avalon (tel. 0165-250300, address: Loc. Etral 8, 11020 Jovençan) tasty pizza, reservation absolutely needed.

Aosta and surroundings:
Lazy Bee Camping Village La Pinsa (tel. 0165-765862; address: Località Teppe, 11020 Quart).
Osteria dell'Oca (tel. 0165-231419; address: via Edouard Aubert 15, 11100 Aosta).

3) Breakfast , to taste a delicious breakfast characterised by home-made delicacies we suggest you go to:

Arvier and surroundings
Pasticceria Dupont (tel. 0165-95014; address: Piazza Assunzione 8, 11018 Villeneuve).
Pasticceria Caffetteria Sablé
(tel. 0165-809961; address Rue du Mont Blanc 69, 11017 Morgex.

Bar / Pasticceria Mafrica (tel. 0165-610424; address: Via de Tillier Jean Baptiste 38, 11100 Aosta): delicious pastry. Must try hot chocolate with cream.

4) Happy-hour:

Arvier and surroundings:
Vinosteria Antirouille (tel. 0165-902061; address: Frazione Chef-Lieu 8, 11010 Aymavilles).
Signori D'Avise - Table d'Hotes - Enoteca (tel. 333-6849160; indirizzo: Località Copoluogo 16, 11010 Avise).

La Cave (tel. 333-1187805; address: Via Jean Baptiste de Tillier 3, 11100 Aosta).
Enoteca La Vineria (tel. 0165-610143; address: Via Sant'Anselmo 121, 11100 Aosta).

5) Mountain huts:

Chalet de l'Epée (tel. 0165-97215; starting from Surier - Usellières, Valgrisenche).
Bezzi (0165-97129; starting from Surier - Usellières, Valgrisenche).

Valle di Rhêmes
Benevolo (tel. 0165-936143; starting from Thumel, Rhêmes Notre Dame).
Valle di Cogne:
Vittorio Sella (tel. 0165-74310; starting from Valnontey, Cogne).

Walter Bonatti ((tel. 335-6848578; starting from Planpincieux or from Val Ferret).

Mont Fallère (tel. 366-1745090, starting from Vetan in Saint-Pierre). All along the track that from Vetan takes you to this mountain hut, you'll find an open-air museum with wooden sculptures. The majority of them have been carved by Siro Vierin, well-know Aosta Valley artist and owner of the Mont Fallère mountain hut.

6) Lunch:

Sur la Place (tel. 0165-548661; address: Piazza Papa Giovanni XXIII 8, 11100 Aosta).
Ad Forum (tel. 0165-548510; address: Via Monsignore de Sales 11, 11100 Aosta).
Pizza al taglio, Il Gusto (tel. 0165-611232 ; address: Via Edouard Aubert 59, 11100 Aosta): great pizza e and focaccia to eat while wondering around the center of Aosta.
Alpanino (tel. 3334891145; address: via Trottechien 29, 11100 Aosta): sandwich and salad place with products from Aosta Valley.
Locanda Urbana (tél: 0165-230738; adresse: Via Croix de Ville 25, 11100 Aosta): pinsa (a type of pizza), hamburger and delicious special dishes.
Crazy Fox (tél. 327-3113002 ; adresse: via Torre del Lebbroso 27, 11100 Aosta): hamburgers, rosti et salads in an original environment

Arvier and surroundings
Hotel Beau Sejour (tel. 0165-99031; address: Via Corrado Gex 114, 11011 Arvier). If your desire is to eat something simple and at a good price you can have lunch or dinner here. The menu is limited: there is a choice of two main courses, two second courses and dessert and the opening hours for lunch are from 12.00 to 2.00 and for dinner are from 7.00 to 9.00.
Lo Gran Baou (tel. 346-0500926; address: Loc. Vertosan 1, 11010 Avise). Restaurant in the middle of the nature, which can be reached by car through a dirt track. A reservation is absolutely necessary. OPEN IN SUMMER ONLY.
La Jolie Bergère (tel. 0165-861292; address: Fraz. Planaval 2, 11015 La Salle).

Hostellerie du Paradis (tel. 0165-905972; address: Loc. Eaux Rousses, 11010 Valsavarenche). Tell them that Barbara Luboz sends you.

7) Ice-cream places:

Ad Arvier:
Gelateria /Cioccolateria artigianale Robbiano (tel. 0165-99351; address: Via Corrado Gex 23, 11011 Arvier).

Ad Aosta:
Gelato Pazzo (tel. 0165-43440; address: Via Losanna 24, 11100 Aosta).
Gelateria il Pinguino (tel. 0165-361973; address: Via Mont Velan 3, 11100 Aosta).

8) Bakery:
Panificio Frassy (tel. 0165-99043; address: Via Corrado Gex 51, 11011 Arvier).

9) Supermarkets and grocery stores:

Arvier and surroundings:
Supercrai Market Arvier SAS (5% OFF FOR OUR GUESTS) (tel. 0165-99024 ; address : Via Lostan 102, 11011 Arvier).
Supermercato Famila Morgex (tel.0165-610450; address: Rue du Mont Blanc 63, 11017 Morgex).
Cofruits: local, typical food and handicraft can be purchased here (tel. 0165-903282; address: Loc. Cognein 6, 11010 Saint-Pierre).
Conad Supermercato Sarre (tel. 0165-553279; address: Frazione Condemine 84, 11010 Sarre).

Aosta e dintorni:
Gros Cidac supermercato (tel. 0165-237603; address: Via Paravera 4, 11100 Aosta).
Carrefour Supermercato (tel. 0165-45269; address: Loc. Grand Chemin 72, 11020 Saint-Christophe).